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21 Days to Better Balance

A 21 Day Guide for seniors who want better balance

About The Balance Book


“I don’t feel like I’m 63, but sometimes my balance feels like it’s off.”

As a physical therapist, I hear these comments all the time.

But when I got off the phone with my dad who told me his balance feels off sometimes, the comment hit home a bit more. 

 He was describing the exact thing I hear my patients say: “When I get up from a chair, I have to catch my bearings.”



You might relate to my dad who feels that he should be able to be active at age 63 and work without feeling unstable or worried that he’ll trip and fall.

It’s so rewarding to watch someone become stronger and more stable in my physical therapy clinic.

But it’s so frustrating to think that family members and friends are struggling with their balance and don’t have the tools they need to improve their balance.



It’s tempting to see if your balance will just ‘get better on its own.”


But the truth is that 1 in 4 Americans over age 65 will fall this year.

It’s the number 1 reason why older adults end up in the hospital.

21 Days to Better Balance



Physical Therapy is considered the gold standard for improving balance and restoring strength and stability.


As a physical therapist, I created the 21-Days to Better Balance system for people who want a structured approach to improve balance, strength, and stability.



Within the guide, you’ll get access to:

  • Quick Start Guide: Why is my balance off?
  • Daily Balance Routine (21 unique days)
  • Printable Calendar Checklist
  • Over 40 Unique Exercises
  • The complete guide is 36 pages, PDF download

How Do I Access the Guide?

The program can be downloaded as a PDF and easily printed for immediate use. You can save it onto your tablet and reference anytime or print it and use the daily exercise pages to guide your balance training.

What’s inside


Quick Start Guide


Daily Balance Routine


Printable Calendar Checklist


Over 40 Unique Exercises


36 Page PDF


Instant Download

About the author

Tim Fraticelli, DPT is a physical therapist in Michigan.  After practicing in his physical therapy clinic, helping hundreds of patients with balance issues, he realized that his own parents could benefit from a treatment plan.

Tim created 21 Days to Better Balance because he wanted to provide his parents and other patients with an easy to follow program to improve their balance. 

Outside of the clinic, Tim enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and walking his two chocolate labs with his wife.

– Tim Fraticelli, DPT

21 Days to Better Balance

A 21 Day Guide for seniors who want better balance